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Connecting People to Businesses

Co-op Marketing

We bring businesses together to reach people searching for them. Our program includes both organic and paid marketing strategies. This is an ideal way for businesses, civic organizations and channel partners to work together.

Team of Experts

It’s a challenge for individual businesses to hire a whole team of experts to keep up with 21st Century marketing. Such as video, photos, social media, web design, SEO and more. We bring a team of experts together to serve our co-op groups and individual member businesses.

Organic Marketing

The members use our Online Concierge App to share each other’s daily social media posts on their websites. They also promote “Book Direct” banner ads on their websites that link to hotels listed on our Local Booking Engine. It’s a Kraken Good Win-Win!

Regional websites such as Clever Neighbor connects destination-to-destination on their website.

Paid Advertising

Our advertising experts identify audiences, purchase ads and analyze results. Hotels pay only a fraction of expensive advertising to compete with national booking websites on Google and hospitality businesses share in local internet advertising.